Range Extender WiFi Repeater Tenda 300Mbps A301


Range Extender WiFi Repeater Tenda 300Mbps A301

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Το A301 είναι μια ασύρματη επέκταση γενικής σειράς N300, ειδικά σχεδιασμένη για να επεκτείνει την υπάρχουσα κάλυψη WiFi και να βελτιώσει την ισχύ του σήματος. Eίναι εύκολο για τους χρήστες να ενισχύσουν την ασύρματη δικτύωση. Το A301 είναι η ιδανική επιλογή για να εξαλείψετε τις νεκρές ζώνες WiFi και να βελτιστοποιήσετε τη δικτύωσή σας.



A301 is an N300 Mini WiFi repeater dedicated for two-storey houses, villas, and multi-room houses with an area over 120 square meters. It offers up to 300 Mbps data rate on 11n band. With two external omni-directional antennas, A301 can provide larger WiFi coverage, as well as extreme fast data rate, satisfying applications such as playback of 1080P HD videos, massively multiplayer online games, and high-speed download. With the upgrade Setup Wizard, it only takes you three steps to configure your repeater, which is easy to use. A301 also works better with other brands’ WiFi router available on the market. For whole home WiFi coverage, A301 is your best choice. 


Interface : 1 Megabit LAN Ethernet ports
Antenna : 2*3dBi Omni-directional antennas
Button: 1 reset button, 1 WPS button
Power : Input:100-240V—50/60Hz, 0.3A Output:9V800mA
Dimension : 80 x 57 x 45mm(3.1 x 2.2 x 1.7 in.)
Wireless Standards : IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Basic Features: Hide SSID
Operating Mode: AP Mode and Repeater Mode
DHCP Server: Support 

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